A New Name

In April my fiancé and I got married! Which meant, among other things, I had to think about changing my name. I always thought that I would take the last name of my husband, and I have, but unfortunately if anyone tries to find this particular Becky Taylor online, you’re not going to find me due to overwhelming results. It’s bad enough that when you Google image search Becky Hunt, my work doesn’t appear until the ninth row. In fact, if you image search Kristof Haines, our fellow writer for the IZS Comic, my artwork appears in the first line of results due to the rarity of his name and the frequency of our collaborations. It is for this reason my husband has named himself Izak Flash online so his name does not drown in a sea of Taylors.

So I’ve decided to keep my maiden name, Becky Hunt, when publishing anything online.

This is important because the internet is my workplace. It is crucial for people to be able to find my work when they search for my name. This might get confusing for my friends, family and probably my bank but short of inventing an entirely new name, Becky Hunt is going to have to do.

In other news, the IZS team are heading down to Hamilton this Saturday (13/5/17) for Hamilton Zinefest. I created this video as a little taster. I’ve decided to get back into making videos, so watch this space!

I’m also taking my ceramics with me to Hamilton Zinefest, this will be their first appearance in the wild! I’ve finished my wooden display stand in preparation.


We’re also running a draw to win Stonelord on a keychain. Check out the IzakSmells Facebook page for details.

I hope to see you there!
Becky Hunt

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