Always Improving

I’ve always seen myself as a traditional artist, I’ve always loved drawing and painting by hand instead of using a computer and a tablet to draw. But there are obvious limitations to traditional and sharing your art with the world (aka internet). You would either need to A) own a decent scanner and draw/paint everything smaller than A4 or B) photograph your work and thus own a decent camera. So for years I would arduously scan all my work, tweak it in photoshop and then post it to my blog which all of eight people would read. In 2013 I worked on a maths app called the Math Machine for the iPad painting water colour machine parts which would get scanned, processed in photoshop, cut into pieces and then used in the application. By this point I had a wacom tablet which I used for this process but used for little else, so when Isaac decided that I would draw a weekly comic, digitally, for Izak Smells…I’d used the thing rarely.

This is one of my first comics

Shitty Kitty, drawn September 2015

And these are two of my most recent comics for comparison.

Although there is a charm to the first comic, I’m so glad I’ve improved! I only noticed it while going back through old comics. Going through old sketchbooks is much the same, there are a lot of drawing that never made it to the internet for the reasons mentioned earlier. The most frustrating thing when looking through sketchbooks is not knowing when the drawings were drawn. Always date your work!


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