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  • Painting Moths

    Painting Moths

    Hello friends! Sorry for the long silence, this year has been really hard for me for various reasons. So much so that I’ve given up drawing the IZS Comic for the time being. This was a really hard decision for me, one that I whipped myself over for months but for the sake of my mental […]

  • My Broken Pottery Wheel

    My Broken Pottery Wheel

    I wanted to do some personal ceramic work on Thursday (Jan 11), so I danced down to my studio, aka the garage, dodged past half a million daddy long legs the size of dogs to get to the power switch, turned everything on and sat at my pottery wheel. I started the machine up and […]

  • Exhibitions And A Weather Bomb

    Exhibitions And A Weather Bomb

    Although the year is only just starting, it has been an eventful one. Just before New Years my friend Rachel came up from Wellington to stay with us. One of the first things we did was head over to the Auckland Art Gallery to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition: The Obliteration Room. Before entering the […]

  • When the Kiln Gets Too Hot

    When the Kiln Gets Too Hot

    On Saturday morning I was recovering from a severe hangover by lying in my underwear and moaning loudly on our purple couch. A bird was chirping outside the window and although I was thoroughly out of sorts, I knew it was a bird I’d never heard before. I dispatched Isaac to investigate, he called through the […]

  • The Process Behind Making Ceramic Pins

    The Process Behind Making Ceramic Pins

    My ceramic pins are a lot of fun to make, I originally made a single fox pin for my sister (which I believe I kept and never gave it to her), I received so much positive feedback about it that I decided to keep making them. They always start off as a ball of clay […]

  • The Beautiful People of Wellington

    The Beautiful People of Wellington

    We arrived in Wellington midday on Thursday and the sky could not have been bluer. Upon arriving we pulled our luggage out of the overhead lockers, I turned to Isaac as I donned my straw hat, “I wonder how long it will take for me to lose this to the winds of Wellington.” We then […]

  • Featured in M2 Magazine

    Featured in M2 Magazine

    I’m super excited to announce that one of my illustrations has been printed in the November issue of M2 Magazine along side an article written by my husband, Isaac. We were super lucky to be able to get our hands on a Wacom Cintiq Pro 16″, it has completely changed how we draw.     […]

  • Summer on the Way

    Summer on the Way

    I know I always say this, but it’s been a busy month for us! I’ve been busy this weekend packing up a few orders and working on a ceramics commission, which is exciting. More details about that later. I’m also working on getting more earrings onto the store; I’ve been making some in black clay […]

  • The Website Launch!

    The Website Launch!

    The website is finally fit to be seen! It’s pretty exciting and scary for me, I’ve been putting off the launch for a wee while due to nerves, last minute changes and being insanely busy. We’ve had an intense few months! In August we went to Tauranga for their Zinefest which was just so much […]

  • Ceramic Brooches – The First Batch

    Ceramic Brooches – The First Batch

    Recently I’ve rekindled my obsession with enamel pins and started to grow my collection again. When I was a teenager I used to collect badges, with a few enamel pins thrown in when I was feeling flush. I had them all pinned to a scarf that hung in my room and later I transferred them […]