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  • About My Autobiographical Comic – Expecting

    About My Autobiographical Comic – Expecting

    **Warning** This blog post contains sensitive content about pregnancy, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. Also contains bad language because I wrote it.

  • My Broken Pottery Wheel

    My Broken Pottery Wheel

    I wanted to do some personal ceramic work on Thursday (Jan 11), so I danced down to my studio, aka the garage, dodged past half a million daddy long legs the size of dogs to get to the power switch, turned everything on and sat at my pottery wheel. I started the machine up and […]

  • The Beautiful People of Wellington

    The Beautiful People of Wellington

    We arrived in Wellington midday on Thursday and the sky could not have been bluer. Upon arriving we pulled our luggage out of the overhead lockers, I turned to Isaac as I donned my straw hat, “I wonder how long it will take for me to lose this to the winds of Wellington.” We then […]

  • Featured in M2 Magazine

    Featured in M2 Magazine

    I’m super excited to announce that one of my illustrations has been printed in the November issue of M2 Magazine along side an article written by my husband, Isaac. We were super lucky to be able to get our hands on a Wacom Cintiq Pro 16″, it has completely changed how we draw.     […]

  • Always Improving

    Always Improving

    I’ve always seen myself as a traditional artist, I’ve always loved drawing and painting by hand instead of using a computer and a tablet to draw. But there are obvious limitations to traditional and sharing your art with the world (aka internet). You would either need to A) own a decent scanner and draw/paint everything smaller […]

  • Hope; An Izak Smells Comic

    Hope; An Izak Smells Comic

    Once a week I draw a comic for Izak Smells, a web comic that was started by my fiancé in August 2015. After a couple of months watching jealously over his shoulder, telling him occasionally that I couldn’t possibly commit to drawing a weekly comic, he eventually forced me to draw one for the website. […]

  • Mr Giant Spider

    Mr Giant Spider

    my fiancé and I have been working hard to make this website come to life. It’s definately getting close to where I want it to be! In the meantime I’ve decided to start putting some blog posts up to make the website as rich as possible. I’ve had a few blogs in the past, my […]