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  • Hoya Temperature Tolerance Guide in Celcius

    Hoya Temperature Tolerance Guide in Celcius

    This is based on Vermont Hoya’s temperature guide which is in Fahrenheit, if you would like to read that, you can find it here. For New Zealand hoya fans, I have put an asterisk (*) by the hoya on the New Zealand MPI plant biosecurity index list. What is the MPI Index list? It’s a […]

  • Sending Plants in the Post

    Sending Plants in the Post

    I have sent plants to people in other parts of New Zealand successfully and I have done so unsuccessfully. I thought I’d share my methods with you, both successful and not. My Successful Plant Mail:¬†(with a potted plant) I couriered a baby plant (marble queen pothos) down to my friend in Wellington and she¬†couriered two […]

  • Propagation Heat Pad

    Propagation Heat Pad

    Hi Guys! Sorry for the long silence, my life has taken a somewhat different direction from what I had planned. I’ll probably do a post about that when I’ve finished processing it myself, but for now, I thought I’d keep you updated with the plants in my life at the moment. I get a lot […]