Ceramic Brooches – The First Batch

Recently I’ve rekindled my obsession with enamel pins and started to grow my collection again. When I was a teenager I used to collect badges, with a few enamel pins thrown in when I was feeling flush. I had them all pinned to a scarf that hung in my room and later I transferred them all to my favourite shoulder bag which unfortunately, was stolen. I was so gutted at the loss of the pins and badges I had collected over the years that I stopped collecting and that was that.

Last Christmas I joined New Zealand secret santa, which is run through Twitter and NZPost, and received two of Pepper Raccoon’s enamel pins from my secret santa.

It was such a great experience, I had a lot of fun researching what I was going to buy/make for my secret santa by reading their tweets, I definately recommend joining in if you live in New Zealand.

I decided after buying a ceramic brooch made by Susan St Laurence, that I’d try my hand at making some ceramic brooches of my own. The fish are shaped by hand not from a rolled out slab of clay so they have a little more weight than necessary. I think when making them in future I’ll roll the clay out thinner before I start.

Although a little large when pinned to a jacket, it is mostly the weight that makes this guy a little cumbersome. The other pins I’m wearing are both from Pepper Raccoon, the “Swearing is Caring” pin I won recently by retweeting her giveaway on Twitter. I won it on my birthday so I was pretty happy about that. This next fox pin does not have a back yet because it was too small to fit the ones I had. When the backs arrive he’ll have the same back as a standard enamel pin. I love this little guy so much and I’ve had such an awesome response to him that I’ve already started work on making more.

I would just like to share the trials of taking photos while my beautiful but overly curious cat is around. If she wasn’t sniffing the subjects of my photography, she was sniffing the camera. I eventually gave up and took photos the next day on some gold paper when she wasn’t around.

Although she occasionally sticks her head in photos, she is such a cutie. Whenever I’m on the pottery wheel downstairs she pops in to say hi.

The culprit; Tandem Dingleberry Taylor

Just did a quick search through my phone and found these other encounters with Tandy Panda and my creations.

Have a lovely week!
Becky Hunt

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