Drawn To Clay

I’ve been drawing since forever but I’ve always been interested in other crafts. My mum, who is an incredibly talented teddy bear maker, would take me and my sister all over the north island of New Zealand to different craft shows. She would even fly over to Australia once a year to go to their teddy bear show (unfortunately, my sister and I had to stay home for that one). Thinking about the number of craft fairs, teddy shows, book launches and art galleries my mum enriched our lives with, we were definately destined to become artists ourselves. I’ve pursued my career as an illustrator, a graphic designer and now a potter and my sister is currently learning to become a jeweler at Auckland’s Hungry Creek Art Institute.

Illustration was my first love. I believe I was born with a pencil in my hand and I can remember vividly the very first painting I ever did. I was at preschool and I painted a monster on crappy craft paper, I took it home and hung it above my bed,  years later it dissolved as the paper’s life expectancy was well overdue.

So while I’ve always loved drawing, I’ve been looking for another skill to compliment this set of skills for a long time. I finally found pottery. These are a few of the first pieces I made.

Unfortunately the glaze on the inside of the mugs bubbled so the cups are not food safe (pottery is full of these fun disappointments). I think this year I’m going to give these cups another go.

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