Exhibitions And A Weather Bomb

Although the year is only just starting, it has been an eventful one. Just before New Years my friend Rachel came up from Wellington to stay with us. One of the first things we did was head over to the Auckland Art Gallery to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition: The Obliteration Room. Before entering the room you get given a stickers sheet covered in colourful dots, you may use the dots however you choose when you enter the room. And wow.

We had a lot of fun in this room as you can see. The only real thing that stopped us from staying longer was the piano in one corner and the children who were willfully bashing the keys. After about 15 minutes of key bashing and that one child who knew chopsticks, I quickly placed the remaining dots and we left. Vowing to myself that I’d never have a piano in my house if I ever simultaneously had young children.

Thank you for censoring your face for the photo, young man

What I liked best about the room was how the artist was obviously playing with areas that were more “sticky” than others. While some objects were totally obscured by the dots, other showed their form simply by having less traction for our little dots. It’s truly an exhibit that you have to see in person.

While Rach was staying with us, we had time to create some ceramics together so I took her through the basics of clay and she made a very well made planter pot and a necklace charm.

Tell me your secrets little pot

As well as having heaps of fun creating these guys with the talented Sock Review, it was good teaching practice for me. At some point, I will start teaching classes, but that will be a wee while away.

Hitting The Road

We left Isaac at home and Rach and I jumped in my old white piece of sh*t Toyota towards Kerikeri to visit our friend Pepper Raccoon! The forecast was for rain but the weather was gorgeous so we decided to risk it, New Zealand forecasts are really just guidelines anyway, it was bound to change.

The first afternoon was stunning.


The next day was shit.

We decided to make the most of it by going to Rainbow Falls Tea House. Oh gosh, this place was so cute.

I mean, other than that gutter that suddenly exploded with water right where our table had been.

It was all a good laugh though, we quickly moved out table, helped by the lovely staff, and were served our tea.

The tea was glorious.

Pepper Raccon with her devonshire tea

Thank you for inviting us into your home and lives Pepper and Pete! We had such a wonderful time, even though the weather did not do our bidding. I can’t wait to see you lovely people again! xox

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