Hope; An Izak Smells Comic

Once a week I draw a comic for Izak Smells, a web comic that was started by my fiancé in August 2015. After a couple of months watching jealously over his shoulder, telling him occasionally that I couldn’t possibly commit to drawing a weekly comic, he eventually forced me to draw one for the website.

My first Izak Smells Comic

Isaac then declared that I would be drawing the Wednesday comic henceforth! And thus, I became a illustrator for Izak Smells. We were shortly joined by Kristof Haines, our good friend and a very talented writer. Izak Smells was then a trio and we’ve been collaborating ever since.

This month a book written by Zenobia Southcombe is being released called “I Am A Writer” which will feature the Izak Smells crew. We had a lot of fun collaborating with Zenobia for this project. The book will be celebrated with a writers’ panel discussion on Sat March 4th at 2pm the central Auckland library which Kristof will be at, representing the IZS Crew.

Exciting stuff!

This week I drew a comic called Hope, which is about a robot and a kitten. It’s one of my favourite comics at the moment so I thought I’d share the sketches and final comic with you. The script, written by Kristof, was so beautiful I had to draw it, even though Isaac is probably more suited to drawing robots.

A hulking, rust-pitted robot sits sad and alone in an arid land. Clouds roil overhead – a storm is coming.

An adorably mangy kitten pokes its head out of a chink in the iron midsection, looking up at the robot with a mraow. The robot is surprised and delighted – it scratches the kitten’s head. Raindrops are just beginning to fall to earth.


There is a sequel to this comic so stay tuned!

*Edit. The sequel:

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