Sending Plants in the Post

I have sent plants to people in other parts of New Zealand successfully and I have done so unsuccessfully.

I thought I’d share my methods with you, both successful and not.
My Successful Plant Mail: (with a potted plant)
I couriered a baby plant (marble queen pothos) down to my friend in Wellington and she couriered two plants back up to me (pictured), we both packed them the same way and it worked great. First I used gladwrap to carefully wrap over the top of the plant and around the plastic pot and soil. This was to help keep the plant and soil in its pot. Then the plants were wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside a small box to size up the box and to prepare the skewers. The skewers were measured, cut and taped around the pot. They are there so if the box is tipped upside down, the skewers hold the plant in the same position in the box so the pot doesn’t fall down and crush the poor plant. I then used paper to pack around the pot so that the pot was held firmly in place. The box was then taped up and I wrote “FRAGILE” and “THIS WAY UP” with arrows pointing upwards all around the sides. I couriered my plant from Auckland to Wellington with Now Courier and it arrived safe and sound in two days.
When my friend went to send her package with Courier Post they put her carefully labelled package into a courier bag so you could no longer see her messages of “FRAGILE” and “THIS WAY UP”. They still let her write “FRAGILE” on the outside of the bag and she sent it off with crossed fingers. Her packaging worked perfectly and both plants arrived safely. She used Courier Post to send her package from Wellington to Auckland, sent at 10:30am (ish) on a Wednesday morning and I received the package first thing the next day. I was pretty impressed with how fast it got to me!
Important! Try to send plants on a Monday or Tuesday so that they don’t get stuck at a depot over the weekend. Take into account long weekends too, an extended jaunt at the courier depot means death for your poor plant baby. Keep the weather in mind if you’re shipping in the heat or summer or the depths of winter, will the plant catch a chill? Will it boil alive? All these things are really important to consider.

My Failure: (with a cutting)
This was my very first attempt at sending plant mail, I carefully packaged up a monstera adansonii cutting that had been propagating in water and had grown some nice long roots. From memory, I popped the plant in a ziplock bag and put that into a small box which has some foam padding. What I forgot to do was wrap the roots in wet paper towels because the roots got pretty dry on their journey south. The plant arrived and is doing well thanks to its new plant dad but was incredibly dry and subsequently lost a leaf or two due to my negligent packing!
Another note: I reuse every piece of bubble wrap, plastic and every box that come in through my door and would encourage anyone sending/receiving mail to do the same. Where possible I pack boxes with paper instead of bubble wrap but sometimes this just isn’t possible. If anyone has eco alternatives to bubble wrap, gladwrap etc, I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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