Summer on the Way

I know I always say this, but it’s been a busy month for us! I’ve been busy this weekend packing up a few orders and working on a ceramics commission, which is exciting. More details about that later. I’m also working on getting more earrings onto the store; I’ve been making some in black clay with a mind to keep them unglazed. That way the price point will be lower because I’ll be able to fire a whole bunch of them all thrown in together instead of glazing each one and meticulously hanging them on a rig, firing only a few at a time. It’s a laborious process and makes the cost of producing items go up. Really my work should be priced higher than it is but I want to make is available to as many people as possible.

I'm a plate not a potato chip!
Taking a #shelfie

I’ve been taking classes at a local art school (thanks Hungry Creek!) and using their facilities to fire my work, at the moment however, we have a gap between terms so I’m busy getting work ready for the start of next term. With the coming of Summer I’m in my workshop a lot more and my head is full of ideas. My next project will be a set of cactus planters made in black clay, which I plan to put on the store.


My wonderful husband is helping me save for a kiln so at the moment all my spare money either goes into resources such as clay and glaze or it goes into my savings. Having my own kiln will make a huge difference to us as I’ll be able to produce work at a faster pace and not be reliant on classes or community kilns. I’ll also be able to teach classes!!! This is something I’m really looking forward to; I’ve already got some great ideas for the workshops I could hold.


Provided of course, that I first learn how to run my own kiln.

I’ve turned one of these into a reed oil diffuser

I’d like to say thank you for all the support of my friends and family and the wonderful people on twitter who like and share my work. Thank you for those who have purchased my work, that money has gone straight into saving for a kiln and the future of my little workshop!

Becky Hunt

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