The Website Launch!

The website is finally fit to be seen! It’s pretty exciting and scary for me, I’ve been putting off the launch for a wee while due to nerves, last minute changes and being insanely busy. We’ve had an intense few months! In August we went to Tauranga for their Zinefest which was just so much fun, I wish it lasted a week! I’ve also been hard at work promoting the IZS comic and our new enamel pin (which you can buy here).

We’ll be updating the IZS store and website in the coming months so that’s another project on the to do list. As well as all this, the comic has just turned two years old! So Isaac, Kristof and myself organised a killer party and had the Magic Photobooth come to record the event. We had such a great time, thank you to all the wonderful people who came! And to all the people who couldn’t make it, there is always next year ๐Ÿ˜‰

So much fun.

I’d also like to mention some of the beautiful people who are now wearing my creations. Thank you so much for supporting me and what I do <3


It makes me so so happy to see my work being worn, so don’t be shy about tweeting @ me! My handle is @SnailProphet (because snails are awesome).

Thank you for everyone who has supported me and encouraged me to keep making. You are all so wonderful xx

Becky Hunt

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